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About Barefoot Software

Who is Barefoot Software?

Barefoot Software is the trading name of me - Andrew Howard - a software engineer of 29 years professional experience. I have been freelance since 2002, and have been trading as Derbyshire-based Barefoot Software for over six years now.

Like many in my peer group, I started in computing as a teenager - working with machines like the TRS/80, Commodore PET and Atari ST to create hobbyist applications in BASIC, and Z80, 6502 and 68000 assembler. The technical know-how acquired then has been directly attributable to professional life ever since.

Since those early days, my career has predominantly centred around 'technical software', including specialised data communications software for the London financial markets, and hardware abstraction firmware for consumer electronics such as PDAs and digital TV set-top boxes.

But Barefoot Software isn't merely a 'one man band'. I regularly collaborate with fellow engineers, graphics designers and other professionals around the UK to deliver a well-rounded portfolio of services.


What we can do

Barefoot Software can offer a variety of skills and services:-

  • Firmware and embedded systems development in Java, C and target microcontroller assembler where necessary.

  • Platform-independent applications and GUI development in Java and Java Swing.

  • Specialised networking and data communications programming for TCP/IP and technologies such as RS-485.

  • Database-driven web applications development in PHP and MySQL, collaborating with graphics designers for UI work where needed.

  • Documentation in HTML and CSS, in PDF, and for full-colour commercial press.

A number of software packages are in everyday use in delivering these services. These include the Netbeans IDE for Java development, Subversion for version control, VMware Workstation for machine virtualisation, and Quark Xpress for desktop publishing. Also see my recommended software section.


The barefoot philosophy

Barefoot Software - what it says on the tin really. I produce software, and I don't wear shoes.

Going barefoot brings many pluses. A freedom of self expression; a connection with nature and the environment; a direct appreciation of the seasons; the experience of the many and varied textures that mankind and the natural world have to offer. I wouldn't have it any other way.

I strive to distil the gist of these values into the way I do business. Delivering quality software is about more than writing code: it's about passion for the craftsmanship of the engineering process, it's about honest, down-to-earth dealings with the people involved. I won't turn up to your meetings dressed like someone I'm not. What you see is what you get: an outgoing, good-humoured engineer committed to doing the job right technically, ethically, responsibly.

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Image of Andrew Howard, September 2013

Andrew Howard | September 2013

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