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Blue Peter test equipment

May 2011


I've been having some fun making some home-made test equipment.

I need the facility to independently switch multiple low-voltage circuits between fully on, and briefly on when a push button is pressed. The software project I'm working on will respond to these signals and do appropriate things.

So an alternative home was found for some old photos, and I drilled 24 holes into the plastic case they came in. A strip of 5mm ply was glued to the back of the lid to strengthen it, which handily doubled up as something to attach the connector strips to.

Tinning 60 switch tabs and soldering on 48 bits of wire was a bit tedious if the truth be known, but I have ended up with a very handy 12-way control panel. I'm rather pleased with it, and if that were not reward enough, I now have a most pleasant glass of a 2002 La Mancha on the go.

Photos: Almost completed, and all connected up. Some wall fixings also proved useful :)

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