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Returning to the Twittersphere

November 2012

I've recently become active on Twitter again after a period of radio silence, largely due to being monumentally busy with work from dawn till dusk. And after taking a fresh look at a few up-to-date Twitter clients, faithful old TweekDeck 0.38.2 still seems the best match to the way I want to work.

TweetDeck 0.38.2 screenshot

Hours can pass between dips into tweet land, during which hundreds of updates may have arrived. I'll likely not want to read them all, but nor will I want to miss anything.

With TweetDeck 0.38.2 I can mark everything at that instant as "seen", and then filter by name to select a manageable quantity of tweets. After skimming through or reading properly, I can "clear seen" to remove them from view, which crucially operates on just the filtered tweets. I change the filter to select a different manageable quantity, read/skim and clear, and repeat, progressively reducing my unread tweets in manageable chunks. And I won't miss any new ones that arrive during this exercise, because "clear seen" only removes the ones I've marked as seen and not the ones newly arrived.

With the "filter" and "clear seen" features, I don't need to bother with lists and the like.

0.38.2 is still available from a variety of places, but isn't officially current. A pity - TweekDeck 1.x seems particularly retrograde to me.

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